Yes, you can actually visit Bitch Lake in Idaho.

I’ll admit that I’ve visited Idaho 2 – 3 times, and each time I went there on purpose. On none of those trips, however, was Bitch Lake mentioned to me. If someone had informed me that a lake with just this name actually existed, I might have given it a high priority to get there more than once just so I could say I’d been there. When we hear of Idaho, we typically think of potatoes, but I believe it is appropriate to include Bitch Lake in the state’s noteworthy landmarks.

Let’s respond to two queries: is what Bitch Lake and where in the world did it obtain such a name. Bitch Lake is situated in Idaho County, close to the state’s north-central region. The lake is around 9 acres in size and includes numerous outlying streams and tributaries. With a significant population of walleye in its waters, it is renowned for its fishing. With no significant settlement within a 20-mile radius, it is fairly remote. If hiking and trailing are your things, there are other paths from the Ensures higher Bitterroot Wilderness (the third largest solitude in the lower 48) that would take you to and from the lake.

So how did a wilderness fishing lake acquire such an imaginative name? The reality, however, is very depressing in comparison to what your imagination has produced. There is a wealth of factual material accessible, according to what we can tell, the waterway was originally called “Anse de Biche” by French trappers and is believed to be a derivation of the term “biche,” which means doe in French. Doe Lake should be the official name, but we all realize that bitches aren’t to be trusted.

Okay, I’ll raise my hand and admit that the last remarks were inappropriate. But come on, I mean! It is known as Bitch Lake! How am I supposed to avoid making crude puns? I believe that girls are on drugs. It definitely gives the phrase “chilling with my Bitch” a whole new meaning. Okay, let’s try one more. Think of a text message exchange. You respond with “Bitch fishing” when someone asks what you’re up to, and you mean it.

I’m sorry, but as a 12-year-old who has just recently mastered cursing, I can’t have enough of the various ways to say “Bitch Lake.” To achieve my destiny of just being capable of posting on Facebook with the captain, “Living my better future up in this Bitch,” I suppose the next obvious progression is to go back to Idaho.

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