How Does Technology Affect Our People’s Skills?

Technology: Individuals of all ages seem to be glued to one screen or another these days, from tablet devices to smartphones or gaming devices. So it’s not surprising that the next generation will be born with iPods in their hands. In the digital age, the internet facilitates the vast majority of human communication. While it’s wonderful that modern technology could connect us together, we’ve never been further apart in many ways. Let’s look at some of the ways technology is eroding our people’s abilities.


The conversation is an important skill to master. Simply changing the way you speak to someone can alter their perception of you. Communicating your thoughts and emotions clearly can carry you far in life. Unfortunately, the younger generation appears to be lacking in the art of conversation.

It’s easier than you might think to start practicing better conversational skills. Begin by taking an active interest in each and every conversation you have and trying to connect with the person you’re speaking with. Make eye contact, ask questions, or pick up on their own mannerisms or body language.

Just like your interactional skills improve, you’ll notice subtleties in human conversation that is frequently lost in the translation when communicating via electronic devices.


Make eye contact

One of the simplest but most important people skills is eye contact. Eye contact influences sentimental connections between people, enabling us to bond on a deeper level than computer screens allow.

Furthermore, eye contact can provide us with insight into how each person is feeling. The eyes can display a wide range of human emotions when communicating virtually, but these emotions are frequently lost in translation.


Telephone Calls

Communication through technology isn’t exactly new, and yet we may be drifting further apart with each technological advancement. Phones, for example, continue to require good communication skills from their users. Unfortunately, it appears that more people are losing their capacity to communicate effectively, both in person and over the phone.

Today, with the rise of chat apps like Twitter, the younger generation has also lost the art of talking over the phone, limiting their ability to work professionally.


Awareness of Space

Technology isn’t only a hindrance to communication; it can also be life-threatening. It’s far too easy to become overly focused on our phones, causing us all to lose sight of our surroundings. Being glued to your phone all the time can lead to unfortunate accidents if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. The truth is that technology connects us with the remainder of the world, but at the expense of missing out on our surroundings.

The Most Intelligent Person in the Room

Cerberus Sentinel’s managing director is Christian Espinosa. He has written a book about the value of interpersonal skills in the modern era. You can read the book today for more information.

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