Hacking Philips Zoom whitening lamps: impact on patient health and safety


A modern person is met and escorted by clothes and appearance, so it is very important to look perfect. This is especially true of a smile – it should be beautiful and radiant. To do this, it is necessary to conduct regular quality teeth whitening, which is possible through the use of various dental appliances.

Efficiency and reliability of bleaching lamps

One of the most effective teeth care products with a whitening effect is considered Philips Zoom whitening lamps. There are several varieties, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Literally 45 minutes of using zoom white speed You can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter. The final result depends on the initial state of the tooth enamel and the presence of bad habits. So, people who smoke and drink coffee, their teeth that are more stained.

Many leading dentists prefer to use lamps Zoom 4 since hydrogen peroxide in them is only 25%, and in Zoom 3 – 35%, so the risk of damaging the enamel increases. Also in great demand was a dental kit zoom discus for maximum effect.

It should be remembered that the permanent use of a bleaching lamp is not always beneficial. It is necessary to take into account the texture of the teeth and individually select a course.

Simplicity is in the details: we use Zoom lamps without overpaying

Devices such as lamps have one drawback – limited operation. The lamp functions with four cycles, because of which it is necessary to purchase the original chip, and it is expensive. Many world-famous dentists have found themselves in a difficult position because these elements need to be bought constantly.

It is very easy to solve such a situation without any harm to the equipment, the specialist, and the client: choose a chip for endless whitening from Bleach Infiniter, which always shows the maximum number of cycles. Its advantages:

  • removes the limitations of the bleaching lamp without loss of indicators;
  • identical to the original;
  • completely safe for others;
  • does not adversely affect the lamp, the functionality and parameters do not deteriorate, and the luminous flux remains uniform;
  • long warranty period – up to ten years;
  • designed for continuous operation;
  • strong and reliable.

To Crack the limit of the bleaching lamp, you should purchase an innovative bleach-infinite chip and put it in place of the original. It is in demand among specialists because no minuses were found in it and its functioning. On the contrary, there are a lot of advantages, and most importantly, savings, since it is updated every 10-11 years, unlike factory elements.

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