A biography of Lewis Gratz Fell

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Lewis Gratz Fell Biography: Who is He?

Businessman Lewis Gratz Fell is an American. Additionally, he was married to Aileen Wuornos, a serial murderer who murdered eight men in the 1990s. They were married after meeting in 1976. Both were looking forward to a lengthy marriage, but Wuornos’ violent nature caused their partnership to end quickly. Later, Lewis Gratz Fell After the marriage was dissolved.

The birthplace of Lewis Gratz Fell is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. German and Jewish, his parents got hitched in 1926. His fiance is still incarcerated, and he passed away from natural means in January 2000. It is unknown whether he was in an affair or not; he got 92 years old until he passed away.

early years

The birthplace of Lewis Gratz Fell is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Florence was his sister, and Henry was his brother. His folks, who later got remarried, raised him. In Philadelphia, he shared a home with his mother until eventually adopting Ethel as a stepmother. Robert Gratz Fell, his half-brother, was also born to him. He did not have an easy childhood. Fortunately, he became able to support himself by working hard.

Lewis Gratz had to deal with his mother’s aggression when he was a kid. After their marriage, he had to obtain a protective order against Aileen because she had abused him and his daughter. In a few assaults, Aileen’s aggressive tendencies escalated. These attacks were survived by Lewis, who later got an order of protection against her. He eventually had to get an annulment of both the marriage and ask for a protective order against his wife. Their nine-week marriage ended in violence, which continued.

Family Lewis Gratz Fell

The Lewis Huge congrats Fell family has a reputation for wealth and prosperity. The family contains two remarkable members: a stepfather who had been born in 1928 and a late wife who was a well-known female serial killer. The former spouse was a Norristown, Pennsylvania native. Lewis wished the marriage would endure longer than the nine weeks it did in 1976. However, the marriage was hastened due to Aileen Wuornos’ allegedly violent behavior. A few weeks later, the couple had their marriage annulled.

Katherine Reeves is the sole daughter of Lewis Gratz Fell. Serial killer Katherine Reeves Royce was her mother. At the time the contract is made, she plus her two sisters didn’t have a family, and Lewis didn’t have much time to spend time with his kids. He ultimately got a divorce from Wuornos and afterward led a very busy life as a boating club member. He died at the age of 92 of natural causes.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’re interested in learning more about Lewis Gratz Fell’s life and career. You can gain a general understanding of the man’s life through this biography. In Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia County, he was born. He later rose to fame as an actor and a billionaire. But that is not where the narrative ends. Additionally, he led a chaotic personal life. He suffered numerous assaults from his wife Aileen, for which he received a prison term. He had to obtain a temporary injunction against his wife as a result.

The career of Lewis Gratz Fell.

The career of Lewis Gratz Fell covered a wide range of fields. He was a producer, singer, and actor. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, is where he was born. His union with Aileen Wuornos was dissolved in divorce. Only at age of 92, he passed away in 2000. There are no specifics on his passing, however, he most likely passed away naturally. Because of his association with Aileen Wuornos, he was mainly shunned by the general population.

Henry, a brother, and Florence, a sister, were Fell’s siblings. Robert was his half-brother as well. He had Ethel Fell as a stepmother after his father remarried. He was raised in Philadelphia and made a living by working for Keystone Coal Mining Corporation.

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